Pad Mouse T-Dagger Lava L T-TMP300

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T-DAGGER Gamer Mat: T-Dagger T-TMP300 Gamer Mouse Pad LAVA L 78x30cm Large SizeThe Lava L is a large size mat (78x30 cm), which covers the entire desk space where the mouse and keyboard live. It is the epitome of comfort, and it also helps a lot to enhance performance: you forget about the limits and concentrate on playing. The Lava L is built, mainly, for three things: to provide the mouse with smooth, fluid and agile movements. that competitive gaming requires; to last long; to be beautiful. The first two purposes are more than met, objectively. The third is already a question of criteria; There are those who consider their cousins, the Geometry, to be more beautiful, but anyway,

  • Size: 78 x 30 cm.
  • Thickness: 3mm.
  • Sliding type: speed, optimized for all sensors.
  • CONSTRUCTIONFabric intertwined with silk fibers that guarantees maximum sliding, rubber bottom, non-slip and adaptable to any surface.
  • CLEANING: Waterproof and easy to clean. The edges are sewn with double stitches to avoid unraveling.
  • DIMENSIONS: 78 x 30 cm
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Mouse Pad
Gamer Pad Mouse Mat T-Dagger L


  • TAMAÑO LAVA L: 780 x 300 mm
  • GROSOR: 3 mm
  • CONSTRUCCIÓN: Tela entrelazada con fibras de seda que garantiza máximo deslizamiento, fondo de caucho, antideslizante y adaptable a cualquier superficie.
  • GENERALIDADES: Resistente al agua y fácil de limpiar. Los bordes son cosidos con doble puntada, para evitar deshilvanado.
  • TIPO DE DESLIZAMIENTO: Speed, optimizado para todos los sensores.

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