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The information detailed below corresponds to THE COMPANY , whose data is described below and which from now on will be called Store Data:



NIT: 9000711759

VIRTUAL STORE or VIRTUAL STORE URL: www.coordiutil.com/store/mi_pc_equipos_y_accesorios_sasfaac8

ADDRESS: CR 43 50 12 LC 72

PHONE: 3145353006

EMAIL: mguerra@mipcequipos.com

This Company Name, through its Virtual Store, which is accessed through the aforementioned URL, offers a service to facilitate customers purchasing its products by this means, which is governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Entering and using this tool means that the user has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions for use of the site; and that these can be changed by THE COMPANY at any time and without prior notice.

  • The interpretation and use of the data and information provided in this Virtual Store are the responsibility of the Client.

  • THE COMPANY does not guarantee permanent and uninterrupted access to the Virtual Store and does not assume responsibility for current or potential customers for Internet connection problems, lack of availability or continuity of operation of the Website and its services, or for any other situation. that may affect access to this channel.

  • All brands, logos, names, distinctive signs, computer, graphic, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and/or design material, as well as all content, texts, available databases, utility models and/or industrial designs and other elements of industrial or intellectual property or not inserted, used and/or displayed on this site are the exclusive property of THE COMPANY or the third party owner of these.

  • Except as expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions, any act of copying, reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, display of the contents, in any way or by any means, is prohibited, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical means of photocopying, recording or any other type, nor may it be interpreted as granting or granting any title of authorizations, licenses or any other right to use or dispose of the Intellectual or Industrial Property in any way, without the prior written permission of THE COMPANY or the copyright holder.

About the Virtual Store

  • The contract between the client and THE COMPANY It will begin at the moment the purchase is approved by the client.

  • The services offered through the virtual store of THE COMPANY They are only available to clients who, according to current Colombian legislation, are legally capable of contracting; Users who do not have it should abstain.

  • To proceed with a purchase, the customer understands and accepts that they must register and create their account, as an essential condition to be able to purchase products; For this, you must provide personal data that corresponds to true, verifiable and current information, required by the portal, for commercial, statistical and promotional use and processing purposes, which are updated whenever required.

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the account is the responsibility of the user, for this reason it is the user who assumes responsibility for all operations carried out on the website through their account. The user is responsible for connecting from secure sites.

  • The prices, products and promotions in the Virtual Store may apply to other sales channels and/or physical stores; and will be the exclusive power of THE COMPANY .

  • THE COMPANY does not guarantee that the colors, sizes and other specifications seen in the photos match those of the product, since these may vary depending on the monitor that the customer uses. To be sure of these specifications, it is necessary for the customer to read the descriptions of each product.

  • THE COMPANY may publish, modify or discontinue products at any time.

  • The cost of transportation will be fully known to the customer when the purchase process is being carried out; this value varies depending on the place of dispatch and delivery, size and weight of the product. The customer assumes payment for transportation at the time he pays the full value of the product.

  • The customer will be responsible for the shipping charges and taxes generated, unless otherwise expressly specified by THE COMPANY.

  • Payment for the products can be made electronically (Credit or Debit Card), in cash through one of the collection centers authorized by THE COMPANY, or in cash, through payment on delivery.

  • The person in charge of carrying out the collection is Coordiutil, this being not part of the contract that is generated between the client and THE COMPANY .

  • Payments made by credit card are subject to approval by the issuing entity (the approval time depends on each entity) and compliance with the transaction security parameters defined by Coordiutil.

  • THE COMPANY reserves the right to reject the transaction when it is not approved by the credit card issuing entity and/or does not comply with the security and fraud prevention parameters defined by Coordiutil.

  • When the client makes the payment, he is expressing acceptance of the conditions of use given by THE COMPANY , giving rise to the formation of the sales contract by electronic means. After making the payment, the customer will receive an email with the transaction information.

  • The customer must keep the purchase invoice that is sent with the product, since it must be presented in case of making any claim.

About Product Delivery:

  • THE COMPANY undertakes to deliver the products purchased at La Tienda Virtual to the Colombian territory, more specifically to the sites where the logistics distribution network of the Coordinadora Mercantil Group has access, therefore THE COMPANY may refuse to approve and dispatch a purchase if the address is not in the access points of the Mercantile Coordinating Group.

  • Products from the virtual store THE COMPANY They will be delivered within a period of 5-15 business days, counted from the moment the purchase is confirmed by the Coordiutil money collector. In cases where you choose to pay at one of the cash collection points stipulated by THE COMPANY , the purchase is ratified at the moment the collection entity confirms receipt of payment. The previously stipulated period must be met as long as no causes beyond the control of the THE COMPANY , which may hinder delivery, such as unforeseen events and/or force majeure.

  • THE COMPANY is responsible for delivering the order to the address provided by the client. It is understood that the person who is at the home is authorized by the client to receive it.

About the Data Protection Policy

  • For THE COMPANY Your right to privacy is very important. To protect that right, this personal information disclosure statement explains our practices regarding online information and the choices you have about how THE COMPANY obtains and uses your information.

  • In some cases, the information is used to communicate with the user, in order to respond in a personalized way to their concerns, comments or to address any need regarding information or services.

  • The data is used to send future information of interest via email if you authorize THE COMPANY at the time of registration.


  • Electronic and administrative procedures have been implemented to protect and help prevent unauthorized access, avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of personal data.

  • The user will be responsible for any damages that may be caused to THE COMPANY or to any third party for improper use of the page.

  • The policies and conditions of access and use established here and the conflicts that may arise regarding their interpretation, use, scope and termination are governed by Colombian law and are subject to Colombian judges and courts.

Limited liability

  • Without prejudice to what is established in the applicable Colombian legislation, THE COMPANY does not assume any responsibility for damage or harm derived from the loss of information or profits, presence of computer viruses resulting from the use or the inability to use the material on this website.

Policy for Attention to PQRs (Requests, Complaints and Claims)

  • The requests, These are understood as requests for information and/or consultation and to obtain a prompt resolution thereof; They will be resolved, attended to or answered within fifteen (15) days following the date of their presentation through the means of communication established and communicated by the Virtual Store. The information that must be submitted is: Name of the petitioner, identification document, purchase pin number (if applicable), email, telephone, indicate the date of the Petition, and other pertinent observations (such as: purchased product (details and/or characteristics), purchase value, date of receipt of the product).

  • The complaints They are understood as dissatisfaction with the good received, or with the attention provided by the Virtual Store.

  • Claim refers to dissatisfaction with billing, payment methods and other issues associated with the payment of the product. Claims will be resolved, attended to or answered within fifteen (15) days following the date of their presentation).  The information that must be submitted is: Name of the petitioner, identification document, purchase pin number (if applicable), email, telephone, indicate the date of the Petition, and other pertinent observations (such as: purchased product (details and/or characteristics), purchase value, date of receipt of the product).

All requests will be resolved, attended to or answered within fifteen (15) days following the date of their presentation.

Exchange and return policies

THE COMPANY It has a change policy different from guarantees, by virtue of which the following is established:

  • To make an exchange or return, the customer must send an email to the email address or call the phone number referenced in the STORE DATA.

  • Products purchased through the Virtual Store can be exchanged or returned as long as the following conditions are met:

    • Request the exchange or return within a period of no more than 30 calendar days, counted from the moment of delivery of the product to the address specified by the customer.

    • You can request an exchange of the product or a refund.

    • Any exchange or return requires presentation of the purchase invoice.

    • The merchandise must be in good condition, unused, with its original packaging, promotions and labels attached to it, that is, it must not have rips, dirty parts, tears, amendments or any type of anomaly; If so, the client must be referred to the guarantee process.

  • The shipping costs of changing or returning the order will be assumed by the customer.

  • In the event that the customer requests a refund of the money, THE COMPANY will return to the customer the total amount paid, discounting shipping costs. This refund will be made within a period of no more than 40 business days from the customer's notification of the return.

  • The change request will be analyzed by THE COMPANY to verify compliance with the requirements already indicated, the maximum time to respond to a request for a change of merchandise is 15 business days.

Purchase Guarantee Policies

  • If the product purchased through the virtual store has any manufacturing defect or quality problems, the customer must send an email to the email address referenced in the header of this document; or failing that, to the telephone number described.

  • The general conditions for guarantees are the following:

    • The warranty period for products purchased on the website is 60 calendar days. The warranty period begins to run from the moment the product is delivered to the address established by the customer.

    • The maximum time to respond to a warranty request is 15 business days and the term for repair is 30 business days from delivery of the good, in accordance with the law.

    • To make the change, different from a warranty claim, it is a fundamental requirement to present the purchase invoice.

    • It is possible to request the guarantee directly at THE COMPANY's physical stores.

    • If the product is required to be removed from the customer's home, the cost of shipping the product for evaluation and/or recognition of the warranty will be assumed by THE COMPANY.

    • In accordance with current legislation for purchases made through electronic commerce, the right of withdrawal applies, however, withdrawal does not apply to goods for personal use such as clothing and footwear and accessories such as glasses, watches, etc. For other goods, for this to proceed it must be stated that it will be exercised within 5 business days following receipt of the good, the product must be returned by the same means and in the same state in which it was received (that is new, with its labels and packaging in perfect condition) and the transportation costs and other costs involved in returning the goods must be covered by the client.

Retraction process policies

  • To exercise their right to withdrawal in THE COMPANY's virtual store, the customer must meet the following conditions:

    • The maximum period to submit the withdrawal request is five (5) calendar days after the sale of the product.

    • The customer must return the product in the same conditions in which they received it and must not show signs of use or wear.

    • Transportation costs and other costs involved in returning the product will be covered by the customer.

    • To manage the withdrawal process, the client must send an email to the email address referenced in the header of this document; or failing that, to the telephone number described.

    • When the customer delivers the product to THE COMPANY , this will proceed to refund the money. This refund will be made within a period of no more than 40 business days from the customer's notification of the return and will depend on the payment method used by the customer.

Contingency and Support Policy

  • THE COMPANY has a process for contingencies and support, where it will have permanent contact with the service providers of the Virtual Store; in the sense of reporting the different situations that may arise during the provision of the service and/or affect it in order to mitigate risks in a timely manner. This refers to contingencies related to e-Commerce platform events, transportation logistics events, Public Order events, Payment Gateway events, among others.

  • To provide support to customers as a result of different events that may occur, the customer has communication channels via email or telephone referenced in the STORE DATA.