Gamepad T-Dagger T-TGP500 aries

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ARIES T-TGP500: Centuries ago, an endless war began to be fought that strongly fragmented the gaming brotherhood. On one side, the self-proclaimed master race, proud and haughty; on the other, brash and jovial, the console players. The Aries is a USB controller that comes to unite the broken brotherhood: to play on PC and consoles and enjoy the best of both worlds.

  • THE MOST COMPLETE PLAYER: The Aries adapts perfectly to both PS3 and Nintendo Switch with full functionality and excellent performance in both. In addition, it is compatible with PC in both DirectInput and XInput modes. Thus, the Aries allows you to play competitively on any platform and It shows that we are all united by the same thing: hatred of the abhorrent monster called lag.
  • THE MASTER OF COMFORT: The Aries does not skimp on quality. Its 8 game buttons, 4 access buttons, LED indicators and 2 levers are made to perform and last as long as possible. And it doesn't skimp on cables either: 3 meters of USB cable, because it's better to have more than enough.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TALENT: The Aries triggers are sensitive and capacitive, which means they are sensitive to the depth level of the activation. And since a console experience would not be complete without a good vibration system, it has two powerful internal force motors. -feedback that provides a wonderful extra touch sensations, even on PC.
Gamepad T-Dagger T-TGP500 aries


  • TIPO DE CONEXIÓN: Cableada, 3 mts
  • PLATAFORMAS SOPORTADAS: PC (Dinput and Xinput), PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch.
  • BOTONES: 8 + 2 Sticks
  • BUMPERS L1/R1: 2 tipo botón
  • TRIGGERS: 2, sensitivos y capacitivos.
  • D-PAD: 4 vías
  • VIBRACIÓN: 2 motores de vibración para Force Feedback
  • TAMAÑO: 154 x 110 x 54 mm.
  • EXTRAS: Diseño simil XBox One
  • PESO: 235 g