Logitech G840 KDA XL Mouse Pad

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Pad G840 XL : Complete desktop gaming mouse pad with room to configure your settings the way you want. The surface texture is tailored to the performance of the Logitech G mouse. The rubber base stays in place for focus and control in the game.

  • A HUGE MOUSE PAD: The G840's large surface area gives you more space to play than ever. Play with freedom of configuration, without the limitations of smaller mousepads.
  • PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZED SURFACE: The performance-made surface provides maximum consistency and precision with gaming mice by delivering optimal sensor images to convert mouse movement into cursor movement even at high speeds.
  • MODERATE SURFACE FRICTION: Provides the sensations needed to "feel" the movement of the mouse. Use muscle memory to aim correctly and optimize both small quick movements and low-speed control.
  • STABLE RUBBER BASE: Players using low dpi values ​​perform dizzying movements. The rubber base keeps the entire surface in place and prevents the fabric from creasing and hindering the movement of the mouse across the desktop. A thickness of 3mm with such a large size provides the necessary stability for both mouse and keyboard.

Logitech G840 KDA XL Mouse Pad