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Logitech LIFT ergo mouse

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ERGO LIFT: Raise your hand, straighten it into a more natural posture and discover true comfort. Relax and increase productivity with the Lift Ergonomic Vertical Mouse, a device designed for small and medium-sized hands, with an option also available for left-handed users.

  • vertical is in fashion: We were the first to say it. Because an intuitive mouse in the shape of Lift can make long hours of work a pleasure. Did we awaken your curiosity? Find out what Funso, Elin and Lucy say.
  • Raise your hand and discover comfort Rest your hand on a soft-textured surface, with easy-access buttons that help you work all day without lifting a finger. It even has a thumb area.
  • work pain-free for longer Lift's optimal 57° angle enables what we call the "natural hold position," which puts less pressure on the wrist throughout the day and encourages a more natural arm and upper body posture .
  • Relax and increase productivityWith a more relaxed upper body, the mind can focus on the really important things. Work peacefully morning and evening with silent clicks and a wheel that slides smoothly and responds to very light touches.
Logitech LIFT Ergonomic Mouse, 097855170972