XPG Hunter DDR5 8GB 5200MHz Ram Memory

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DDR5 memories for PC, The XPG HUNTER marks the beginning of the DDR5 era for gaming memory. Reaching frequencies of up to 5200MT/s, it will provide a huge performance boost for gaming and overclocking.

  • Improved Power Management: The XPG HUNTER DDR5 features an integrated power management IC (PMIC) that improves power supply stability. Its lower operating voltage also makes HUNTER more energy efficient than DDR4.
  • Stability and Reliability: With on-die error correcting code (ECC), this DDR5 memory module can correct errors in real time to provide greater stability and reliability.
  • Overclocking made easy: With support for Intel XMP 3.0, overclock easily without having to constantly mess with BIOS settings and overclocking parameters.
  • DDR5 vs DDR4 - Appearance: DDR5 U-DIMM modules have the same dimensions and number of pins as DDR4 modules. The most obvious difference is the position of the foolproof notch. Additionally, DDR5 integrates I/O resistors with CMD/ADD resistors. Additionally, the appearance of DDR5 modules is cleaner than DDR4. Additionally, you can see a PMIC in the center.
  • DDR5 vs DDR4 - Performance: The biggest change is that the bandwidth and frequency are significantly higher. ADATA DDR5 memory modules offer frequencies of up to 4800 MT/s and have a bandwidth of 38.4 GB/s, which is 50% higher than DDR4-3200. The maximum frequency is increased by 1.63 times compared to DDR4.

DDR5 XPG Hunter Pc Memory Features

  • DDR5
  • 5200Mhz
  • Armored
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