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Source XPG 550 WATTS PYLON 80 Plus Bronze

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XPG 550 watts PYLON offers more than just a Bronze certified power supply. Highly efficient DC to DC converters and continuous power in 4 different power options make it an ideal power supply for any use.

  • BRONZE Grade DC to DC Circuitry: The XPG PYLON power supply fulfills the Intel ATX Power Supply Design Guide sleep mode feature, with a total power of +12V DC to DC at 100% (*) on all PYLON series, ensuring power delivery remains consistent, efficient and capable of supporting mid to high-end CPUs and graphics cards. (*) DC-to-DC circuitry minimizes ripple noise , prevents unbalanced power charging and acts as a protection for the life expectancy of your PC components.
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certification: XPG PYLON is an 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply unit that guarantees power efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated loads. The XPG PYLON power supply is also ErP 2014 Lot 3 compliant, and is designed for continuous 24/7 power system operation.
  • Cybenetics ETA and LAMBDA Certifications: The XPG PYLON SERIES is certified by Cybenetics for its efficiency and noise level, ranking at the top of its category in both the ETA standard and the LAMBDA standard.
  • 120mm Hydraulic Bearing (FDB) Fan: The integrated 120mm Hydraulic Bearing (FDB) fan control starts at approximately 700 rpm (25°C ambient temperature) and maintains its low fan speed up to approximately 70%. of power load.The operating environment remains quiet and efficient, and extends its service life.
  • 105°C Japanese Main Condenser: The 105°C Japanese main condenser of the XPG PYLON Bronze series ensures high durability and offers the highest stability and reliability.
Source XPG 550 WATTS PYLON 80 Plus Bronze